Gillot noir – Camembert de Normandie AOP

Camembert de Normandie AOP

Gillot Noir
Raw milk/PDO/

A guarantee of a unique and authentic PDO Camembert. Camembert de Normandie Gillot Noir is elaborated from raw milk collected within 30km around the cheese dairy. It is different of all other camembert because of its traditional hand-ladling on tables. The texture is voluptuous and the aromas are typical from the Terroir Normand which are a delight for the taste.


  • Camembert PDO from Normandie; a guarantee of quality and authenticity.
  • Camembert hand-ladled on tables with an ancestral know-how.
  • Specifications are rigorous for the producers of milk but also for the cheese dairy.
  • Raw milk cheese, the milk didn't suffer from any heat treatment this is why it keeps is flora intact that guarantee a taste rich in aromas and authentic.
  • Milk from animals fed with a free-GMO diet, it is certified by an external organization.