Our commitments
to a responsible approach

Authentic, healthy,

quality products

Our ambition is to develop authentic, healthy, quality products on a daily basis while preserving the wealth of local flavours.

We do of course have a predilection for Norman PDO products on which we keep a constant eye, from the selection of the raw materials to the distribution of our cheeses.

We are also strongly committed to developing a range of organic products and certifying that all our PDO farmers feed their herds a GMO-free diet.

Working together

with our PDO producers

«At the cheese dairy, we are proud to have successfully developed together with our producers a transparent sector-wide initiative and established a climate of confidence and mutual understanding. We now appreciate that we are part of an ecosystem in which we are dependent on one another.»


It is important that we work in close collaboration with our producers, assisting them on a daily basis to guarantee milk quality that meets the requirements of raw milk and to ensure the farmers earn a decent income.
So, in 2015 we:

  • Established a milk price that is not linked to international prices in order to avoid fluctuations in the price of milk
  • Increased PDO premiums to encourage farmers to continue producing PDO milk.

Newspaper article “Grand Prix ESSEC”

Show respect,

commitment, and responsibility

The dairy plays a leading role in the local economy, employing over 160 people and collecting over 50 million litres of milk per year from small family-run farms.

We are actively committed to societal, economic, ecological and collective progress.

  • Working together with our stakeholders, especially our producers,
  • Reducing our environmental footprint,
  • Supporting our employees throughout their careers,
  • Defending the values of Norman PDO,
  • Promoting our by-products to reduce food waste…

Obtaining the “Entrepreneurs plus Engagés” label in 2015, of which the aim is to promote eco-responsibility and corporate citizenship initiatives, demonstrates our strong commitment to CSR.

Combining tradition and modernity

Our challenge is to meet the expectations of today’s consumers and future generations by associating tradition and modernity.

In 2010, we developed a range of organic products. Today, with our PDO producers, we are committed to feeding cows a GMO-free diet. We also encourage our producers to safeguard the Normande breed by switching to herds composed exclusively of Normande cows.

And we have not hesitated to…

  • to develop a partnership with a Michelin-starred chef to give our Camembert de Normandie a new twist,
  • to break away from traditional market images to seduce younger generations,
  • to develop new products such as BBQ Camembert, GMO-free fresh milk and Normandy cream…