Gillot Camembert PDO
Unique cheese since 1912

An exceptional Camembert

A unique flavour since 1912

Gillot Camembert PDO is an exceptional cheese crafted in keeping with the ancestral traditions of master cheese makers. Made from raw milk collected from producers in Normandy pasture land, each camembert has molded its with 5 ladle strokes, spaced 50 minutes from each others 
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Terroir, men

and Normande cows

The quality of our milk is by no means accidental but is the result of close collaboration between farmers and the cheese dairy, as well as particularly demanding specifications, thus guaranteeing the distinctiveness of our Camembert de Normandie and Pont l’Evêque:

  • The cows graze on pastures for at least 6 months per year
  • 80% of the feed is produced on the farm
  • At least 50 % of the herd are Normande cows
  • Each cow has the equivalent of half a football pitch
  • And of course a defined geographical area

It’s official: all our PDO farmers can now certify that their milk is produced by animals fed a GMO-free diet.

Interview with Alain Davy, producer of PDO milk

At the heart of the Gillot Cheese Dairy

Discovering a simple yet complex process

Authentic recipe unchanged

since it was created by Marie Harel in 1791.

2.3 Litres
of raw milk

lait cru

5 Ladlefuls, at 50-minute intervals,
on a table

camembert louche

14 Days in a ripening room watched over
by our master cheesemakers

camembert halloir