Gillot noir – Petit Camembert au lait cru

Petit Camembert au lait cru

Gillot Noir
Raw milk/

This small Camembert made with raw milk is born in the heart of the Orne bocage. The milk, is collected from farm within 30km around the dairy. It gives to this camembert all the singularity and the richness of the aromas.


  • Milk collected from local farmers in Normandy within 30km of the cheese dairy Gillot.
  • A terroir of exception: Stability of our climate, soft and humid, offering to cows an healthy diet.
  • Made from raw milk, the raw milk give all the authenticity of this product. This milk don't suffer from a heat treatment so it keeps is flora intact that guarantee a taste rich in aromas and authentic.
  • The cheese dairy Gillot has more than 100 years of expertise in fabrication of camembert and soft rind cheese made with raw milk.