Spécialités – Camembert BBQ

BBQ Camembert


With that product, the cheese dairy offers to vary the joy of BBQ and camembert. The recipe has been made exclusively to offer a tender texture and preserved the taste of the camembert when this one is warm.
Instructions for use:
Take the camembert out of the package. Put it in its box. Score the rind of the cheese with a knive. Place the box on an aluminium sheet for 15 to 20 minutes on the shelf above embers. The wooden box is specifically made for this type of baking and it is raise to avoid any overflowing. Enjoy immediatly !
You can also bake this camembert in oven for 15minutes around 180° and 210° or just put it in a microwave for 1m30.


  • Milk collected exclusively in Normandy.
  • Bags of quality spices: Millet / Rosemary / Poppy / Pepper.
  • Taste of camembert preserved.
  • Box raise to avoid any overflowinf of camembert.