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Fresh Milk

Rediscover the true authentic taste of Normandy’s milk and the benefits of organic milk !
Since the creation of the chesse dairy in 1912, Gillot is attached to the origin of their raw materials and to the preservation of authentic taste. During 2012, the dairy took the decision to diversify with launching the first fresh milk microfiltrated from Normandy, with the leitmotiv to preserve the original flavor of Normandy’s Milk.


  • Whole milk microfiltratedfrom organic farming: Certification label AB and european.
  • Milk collected in Norman farms.
  • Microfiltrated milk : Microfiltration is a process to avoid milk to suffer from prejudicial impact like the taste or vitamin A, it's the difference from the classical process (pasteurization), the bacterias are not eliminated by the thermical shock which result to a good quality organoleptic and the vitamin of the milk are preserved
  • Packaging is made on the site of the cheese dairy.
  • 38% fat.