Kit Farci Poire – sarrasin – cèpes

Kit farci édition gourmet

édition Gourmet
Raw milk/PDO/

“To innovate, the cheese dairy Gillot launch the first box to make your own stuffed camembert. To create this box, Gillot is in partnership with Franck Quinton, a Michellin-starred chef. Famous for his expertise and his recipes with mushrooms. This box include a PDO camembert (raw milk) hand-ladled and 3 bags of garnish to make a mix with boletus mushrooms, buckwheat and pears.

Easy to make, you just need to cut the camembert in half (horizontal way), mixed ingredients and put it on a side of the camembert, then put the 2parts of the camembert together and the trick is done.

A delight guaranteed ! Don’t stressed-out on the seasoning and aproximative quantities. The chef Franck Quinton has made it for you !”


  • PDO Camembert of Normandy: A guarantee of quality and authenticity.
  • This recipe was created by a Michellin-starred chef.
  • Do it yourself in 5 minutes.

Conseils de préparation :

  1. Sortir le Kit de votre réfrigérateur.
  2. Couper le camembert en deux dans son épaisseur avec un grand couteau fin.
  3. Verser les différents sachets de garniture dans un bol et bien mélanger le tout.
  4. Répartir la garniture de manière homogène sur une face.
  5. Refermer le tout et envelopper le camembert dans son papier d’origine.
  6. Laisser reposer au frais minimum 2 heures.
  7. Sortir le camembert du frais 30 minutes avant dégustation.